Mamma Mia! – get your Keds on!


Last night found myself, with a gaggle of girlfriends, at Clapham Picture House for Mamma Mia! The Movie. More or less an interactive cinema experience. Once one of our party had got over the shock that they actors were singing their way through the film (the term musical passed her by) we suspended disbelief and, aided by a glass of wine or possibly two (beauty of indy cinemas), spent the next two hours trying not to sing so loud we drowned out the real singing, which was inevitably more tuneful than us.

Arguably this isn’t a fashion film – unless you count metallic glamrock ultra-flares and stack boots, various swimwear options and a splash of Missoni – but it’s definitely got a few touches of excitement. Meryl Streep looks very cool in her dungarees – a personal guilty pleasure of my weekend wardrobe – and dirtied up Keds. I now appreciate why my friend took it upon himself to stamp on my pristine, fresh white Keds – at the time I sulked but now I realise they just can’t be mucky enough. Meryl’s were sandied up, camoflage in a dusty Greek island environment, and looked truly insoucient – although still love Baby’s zippy take on the sneaks in Dirty Dancing. Come what may, am going out this weekend to specifically grime mine up…

By the end of the film, as far as I was concerned, Meryl Streep, Julie Walters and Christine Baranski were in the cinema with us and knew we were singing and dancing in the aisles. What had started as a grown-up night out at the flicks morphed into convincing the waiter at Green & Blue wine bar that Madonna was definitely appropriate for a chic wine-fuelled environment – a decision possibly regretted when we decided to add our own vocals to La Madgesty’s. Tripping on into the night we espied Dee-lite on the VJ screen at the Kaz-bah, its light up dance floor and an intuitive DJ (Tiffany’s I Think We’re Alone Now hit the mix as soon as we stepped onto said dancefloor), and we were out on the tiles for the duration. Tied up my blouse 80s-tastic style to expose my midriff and we proceeded to pull out the ‘mean Britney’, ‘Showgirls gone wild’ and various other ‘best of’ dance moves til home time…


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