Fashion Popcorn launch: sweet


Krstl mannequin in action (film: Rankin & Chris for DMs)

The sweetly anticipated launch of digital fashion salon Fashion Popcorn took place last night in the fabulous surrounds of London College of Fashion, W1. An eclectic, buzzing crowd of designers, bloggers, film-makers, communicators and digital media practitioners dropped by to pinpoint and explore the future of fashion and film in an increasingly digital landscape.

Part of the official Rushes Short Film Festival programme, the salon aimed to start a conversation between an invited group of individuals, all interested in debating the future of fashion and the digital landscape, and sharing their ideas. Crucially, examining how digital media converges with reality, and how technology can be harnessed as a creative tool.

Fashion Popcorn’s Emily Fleuriot kicked off the proceedings, introducing the inspiration behind the digital fashion salon and the exciting panellists of the evening, Matter2Media‘s Tim Kindberg and film-maker and curator Kathryn Ferguson. The concept was conceived by Emily, with sister Harriet and mum Constance,  all creative media producers with specialist experience in the digital arena, to explore opportunities to collaborate with one another and others in the fashion, film and digital industries.

A true family affair, the sisters were co-panellists, with mum proudly snapping with her  flip camera on the front row as the presentation commenced. An informal ‘in-the-round’ session, the audience was encouraged to participate; at one stage Harriet wowed the crowd with her dance moves as a distraction from a quickly remedied technical error, meaning no-one was in any doubt that we were in for a fun evening!

Harriet Fleuriot, a talented award-winning filmmaker and performer, talked about her work and screened some inspiring clips by various artists, curated to conjure up questions about fashion, film, digital and how people respond to, and interact with, different media formats.

We were very excited to have Kathryn Ferguson, another award-winning filmmaker and curator, introduce her work and talk about where she sees the future of the film industry. Kathryn has created films for the likes of Lady Gaga, Richard Nicholl and Katie Eary and recognises a real need for discussion around the new challenges facing filmmakers with an unwritten rulebook.  Carri Munden and Jason Bradbury gave an impromptu chat about their work from their seats in the audience.

Tim Kinderberg of Matter2Media talked us through his work and exciting new Krstl project, before opening the floor to questions. Later, over refreshing rosato and blanco spritzers, courtesy of event sponsor MARTINI, we had a play with the Krstls, which had been mocked up as an interactive ‘hub’ and very gorgeous ‘virtual shop assistant’ mannequin, with electric blue eyes.

Fashion Popcorn’s digital fashion salon created many more questions than it answered, but that was perhaps the point! All we know is that we had fun, and are already cooking up our next event – so watch this space…


Pictures: Many, many thanks to Andrea Vladova, our official photographer! She turned up on the night and just snapped away…


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