Super Dollys Anna & Grace Set For Charity Auction!!


When I was small I could not be courted by Barbie and her stupid perfectness or Sindy and her frightfully big head. Now Jem was another matter all together. Apart from the fact that her earring twinkled like someone was talking about her, she had a proportioned body and some super-cool threads. With my fledgling interest in all things sartorial, I set about ripping up old clothes and making her new outfits. Such fun!

Anna and Grace: the must-have accessories of the season!

Decked out in the latest sartorial must-haves are Andrew Wang’s one-of-a-kind Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington dolls who come complete with a pristine bob and fly away red locks. Due to by auctioned off on from 31st August the proceeds will go to The New York City Aids Fund.

This stylish duo would make for the most fabulously fashionable play date!


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