If Looks Could Kill! Fashion Film Stand-off

Decisions decisions! we just cannot decide who is the hottest clothes horse for their own brand. Sienna or Beyonce? Both of these gorgeous ladies recently launched immpecibly stylish fashion films to introduce their AW2010 collections.

Twenty8Twelve Sister Act!

Sienna prances girlishly around the imposing Gloucestershire home of Isabella and Detmar Blow playing up her cutsey vamp look to the hark and strums of Hanna Hanra.

In contrast Beyonce cuts a mean gal look in her brand Dereon, straddling a motorcycle and sporting a splash of  super-cool temporary tattoos from Chanel. Of course the soundtrack is Beyonce. The film by Tony Duran is styled by Beyonce and her mother Tina.

Whilst Sienna stays true to her staple shoulder-length blonde hair, Beyonce has maxed her look up with a striking mane of peroxide blonde candy floss locks piled on high with some smokin dark re-growth. It is like 1980s films Workin’ Girls and Mannequin have cocktailed with Tina Turner’s Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome character Aunty Entity.

Beyonce Revs It Up For Dereon

We love the relaxed art school feel to Twenty8Twelve’s film directed by Angelo Penetta. Set against a glorious backdrop of antique tapestries, teak wall panels, Elizabeth I portraits and ornaments the film is captured by retro camera. There is however a solemn, dark feel to the location and one almost feels the need to let eyes wander the surrounds with the hope of catching a glimpse of Isabella’s styling genious.
Tough Call!


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