Scowl with Hilary Flamingo and Gloria Salami in Copenhagen


Copenhagen was dreamy. Claudia Sárkány and I got treated, we really did.

The first true sign that this trip was going to be good was when we got given a Krispy Kreme donut just 10 mins after arriving in Copenhagen airport by complete strangers. This was bookended with a cake, coffee and hot chocolate ride at La Glace on our last day. Thank you Kira we love you.

The first 2 days we spent rehearsing in the perfect, gorgeous flat provided for us, usually the abode of the wonderful Gina Thorstensen, but temporarily the creative cocoon of the Supersexy Clean Organised Woman Ladies. It was there we took our photos, made our powerpoint presentation, produced the song on my trusty Casio keyboard, ironed our costume with the Flamingo iron, and polished our script. Very organised.

It was here that we also saw a half naked man washing up. Supersexy and Clean…

This was the first performance of our specially designed script. Claudia and I have been talking about Supersexy Clean Organised Woman Ladies for years, since University, when it was a mere flick in our aspirational hair. Future Shorts vs. CPH:DOX was a perfect opportunity to finally share with the world, and we decided it was going to be interactive sharing. We were told that Danes don’t really do interaction. So, um, we were scared…

But Theatre Grob joined in! They clapped in time with the music, they laughed, they cheered, they wooped even. We impressed our Danish friends. We impressed ourselves. Phew.

We ate lots of spaghetti and cake as a reward.

And after the performance on our way home, I finally let Claudia go to bloody Tjili Pop. We instantly met lots of lovely people, including a nice man who drills holes in lakes in Greenland, with an enthusiasm for cake apparently encouraged by his girlfriend’s pregnancy. He drew us a cake map for Copenhagen then told us all about Greenland. Claudia and I decided we are going to Greenland next year to celebrate her birthday.

Here are some more photos:


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