Final line-up for Fashion Popcorn#4 – today at Shortwave


So… we’re feeling unnaturally organised and are all set for Fashion Popcorn#4, today at 3.30pm, at the salubrious Bermondsey joint, Shortwave Cinema and Bar.

Introduced by Emily and Harret Fleuriot, we have a fantastic panel – artist Joceline Howe, film-maker Kathryn Ferguson, creative technologist Tim Kindberg and film producer Stephen Whelan. We’re also hoping Weirdcore will’ve recovered from his recent Japan jaunt to put in an appearance – at the moment it’s looking promising!

Jocie Howe will be opening her Art Booth for us to play with afterwards, for some added fun. London Short Film Festival closes today, so hang back afterwards for a drink and people-watching, as the venue also hosts Salon des Refusees and the closing night screening after our stint.

We’re close to capacity, but feel free to drop by – you can

Fashion Popcorn at London Short Film Festival takes place on Sunday January 16 at 3.30pm. We’ll be in the bar and screening room at Shortwave Cinema and Bar, 10 Bermondsey Square, SE1 3UN (tel: +44 (0)20 7357 6845. A short walk from London Bridge or Bermondsey Station.

From London Bridge, walk south down Bermondsey Street, past the garish pink and orange Fashion Textile Museum, past the church, and Bermondsey Square is an unmissable timberclad development on the left – you’ll see it when you’re there! 


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  1. […] through a computer-aided system. This reminded me of when artist Joceline Howe (who featured in Fashion Popcorn #4) was at Hewlett Packard demonstrating her no-tech human photobooth. HP had put her near a plug […]