Fantastic feedback spurs future event plans


We’re still buzzing from the most recent Fashion Popcorn event, part of London Short Film Festival, a week ago on January 16. We are feeling inspired, and are currently in the throes of planning future events – as well as mind-mapping our entire life plan, natch – all input welcome! 

Feedback on the day and since, has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re genuinely thrilled to have an inspiring, creative and thought-provoking bunch of people participating in the Fashion Popcorn dream. These might be summed up by this lovely comment from the Encounters crew: ‘Zipping along the tube I met up with 3 filmmakers to attend the ever popular Fashion Popcorn event in Bermondsey. Presented by Emily Fleuriot, who attended Encounters last year with Fashion Popcorn, the impressive panel led an interesting discussion on fashion films, Pervasive Media, and Japanese vending machines. A very enlightening afternoon!’

Even catching up with super-lovely photographer Alistair Guy this week found us discussing the burning question of who is making fashion films, why the films are being made, and whether fashion film is, in fact already over-saturated (for the record, he started it, not me!). Over tea and finger sandwiches at Dean Street Townhouse, we discussed why he will be remaining very much in the still image camp – he sees photography and film-making as two quite different skills and creative ambitions, and for him the impact of the photograph, and the experience and process of creating that impact, are unrivalled; moreover, he feels that his experience as a photographer does not automatically translate to creating moving image.

On the subject of over-saturation. Well, I’m not saying there’s not a lot out there at the moment, but there’s a lot of everything out there right now. However, where these films – or fashion films – are done well they inspire, delight and engage, where done badly, we switch off. But that’s not rocket science. Film, and film delivered via mobile and digital means, is still in its infancy, and there’ll be a lot of broken eggs to get the golden omlette, but that’s not to say we shouldn’t keep experimenting!

On the subject of which, we’re planning a new format for the next Fashion Popcorn salon – ‘open laptop’. We’ll be inviting you to submit a short showreel (work that inspires you, or work that you’ve created) to talk about during the session. Watch this space for details of how to submit.


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