My fifth day of LFW: from tea with Charlotte Dellal to toddler pyjama fights


Charlotte Olympia AW11 film by Jam, starring Portia Freeman

Last day for the ladies (but with a whole day of men tomorrow) I make a shaky start to LFW day five by missing two vital Daily memos – to meet at Mary Katrantzou first thing (which I then miss – though I hear it’s a hit), and that I’m writing a short piece on common ‘fashion week ailments’ striking even the doyennes of the fash pack. Various symptoms are highlighted, but it seems that ‘cobble hoof’ and FROW’s ‘dowager’s hump’ are most prevalent – so I investigate this with my tongue firmly in cheek.

In the crowd, pre-Marios Schwab, I catch Glitterbird George Langford, Melanie Rickey’s Fashion Junior at Large, in all her granny chic-best, for comment on why she loves a bit of anti-WAG bri-nylon and modest dressing. Seems with the prevalence of botox, pillow-faces and all manner of adulteration of age taking hold in some quarters, Golden Girl’s grandma becomes a rarity, therefore more desirable. Those hitting their 30s take note: any hint of Cheryl Cole-style grooming will age you – lilac rinses and horn-rimmed glasses are where it’s at.

In a classic case of ‘sod’s law’, this is the one day at LFW when I have to leave at 4pm to collect my darling boys from nursery. I file my copy and catch a few shows during the day – fuchsia-injections at Christan Blanken’s salon show, Marios Schwab doing what he does well, and Meadham Kirchoff’s quickstep smash on the catwalk – as well as make my last huzzah across the exhibition,  and an emotional farewell to the team, as most finish today. Homeward-bound, I detour to the sublime Charlotte Dellal’s glam Charlotte Olympia tea party at Mark’s Club in Mayfair. A party-pooped Olivia Palermo, groomed but exhausted by her relentless schedule, is just leaving as the crowd arrives – she ‘just wants to hang out with her boyfriend.’ Andrea Dellal, who wowed in pillarbox red on the Issa catwalk earlier this week (alongside Yasmin Le Bon) is doing her photogenic duty with Dave Bennett, while Charlotte, model Portia Freeman and film-maker Jam enjoy the fruits of their collaborative fashion film – the first time they have seen it in a large format screening. As we watch, I grab their thoughts, with Charlotte keen to emphasise that ‘I could only give Jam so much direction, as it was really about her interpreting my collection in her way, and I’m really pleased with the results – it works well as a conceptual film but also as a series of ‘lookbook’ stills.’ The project was a complete departure for new mum Portia, ‘I was worried that I might not be able to act, but we gelled on the shoot and Jam pulled it together really well. It was great to try something new.’

And from the sublime to the ridiculous of fashion: I pick up the boys and spend a good chunk of my evening adjudicating over who will get to wear which pyjamas – seems it’s a big sartorial deal in toddler land.


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