Vote Fashion at the Vimeo Festival + Awards


Vimeo are gearing up for their annual festival + awards in June this year, which was created “to recognise the best videos online, determined not by how many people in the world had seen them, but by how they moved people and helped people see deeper into the world.” This year has given the theme “The End of the Beginning”, as Vimeo believe that online video and creativity are transitioning from an age of wonder to an age of action.

Submissions are in, videos have been selected and posted up. Now its time for you to vote for your favourites.

This year they have a new fashion category where the requirements for selected videos were:

  1. Maximum length: 10 minutes
  2. Submissions must communicate a particular trend or moment in fashion, beauty, or style, commissioned by a fashion or beauty brand or magazine.
  3. Submissions may not be advertisements that have been broadcast on TV.
  4. You must have the permission of the applicable designer and/or fashion show to enter the video in a contest.

The full selection includes some brilliant, beautiful, fun, suspenseful videos, and display a more sophisticated approach to fashion promos than maybe we would have seen a year or two ago. Of course, it may be Vimeo’s programming, but there is a stronger steer in these fashion films towards narrative based action and more classic, arts based film directors (rather than photographers with a film camera) such as Amanda Boyle, Christian Straub, Martina Amati, Callum Cooper, Martin De Thurah… are evidentally being called up to bring creative and conceptual substance to representing a brand’s “world”, to offer the viewer something more than just a glance at the clothes and a sense of atmosphere or texture.

Here’s Martina Amati’s short film Submission, featuring Bella Freud collection AW/11 and shot by Ula Pontikos (who incidentally shot the Jersey Dairy Ice-cream advert that I was in… she’s amazing and very very talented). Martina was featured in Moviescope’s One to Watch column earlier this year, and she certainly is one to watch:


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  1. […] beautifully shot by the talented Ula Pontikos, which won the Fashion Category at this year’s Vimeo Awards. It was also fab to check out the creative output of Fash/On’s filmmaker mentoring scheme […]