Fashion Popcorn meets Silvia Weidenbach


Weidenbach/Klein,Glow and Beautiful Mutant, both 2012. Nylon, dye, copper, zirconia. Photography ©Shira Klasmer

Fashion Popcorn first came across the stunningly intricate and cleverly thought-out jewellery pieces of Weidenbach/Klein at the 3D Printshow London back in October.

So it put a little spring in our step when we caught up with Silvia Weidenbach (one half of the dynamic Jeweller/Architect duo) at the Beautiful Objects exhibition at The Aram Gallery in London, where their new works were showing.

We asked Silvia to talk about the pieces in the exhibition – Glow and Beautiful Mutant – and explain Weidenbach/Klein’s attraction to 3D printing.

And it wasn’t just the scrumptious body adornments from Weidenbach/Klein on display. This is the first exhibition on jewellery that The Aram Gallery has ever put on, and we love it. Fashion Popcorn recommends you get yourself to the top floor of Aram to have a look-see before the exhibition finishes on the 12th January.

To tempt you even further, here are a few morsels from the pleasingly eclectic and digestible collection of contemporary and inventive jewellery on display:

Lili Colley, Brass and Perspex. Image ©FashionPopcorn.

Naomi Filmer, Suspended Body Scapes, 2011. Glass and Leather. Image ©FashionPopcorn

Maria Militsi, 57 Edward Spencer for the Artificers Guild, 2012. Altar Cross c.1910, silver. Image ©FashionPopcorn

Foreground – Katy Hackney, Necklace, 2011. Silver, rosewood, box wood, bamboo, formica, found ceramic objects, 18ct gold, vitreous enamel, bone, colourcore, hand dyed nylon cord, paint. Brooch, 2012. Plywood, silver, coloucore, boxwood, steel, hand dyed nylon cord. Background – Sarah King, Light Constructions bangles, 2003 – 2012. Bioresin. ©FashionPopcorn

Maud Traon, Little Pony Series, 2008 – 9 Clay, synthetic stones, Swarovski stones, glitter, copper. ©FashionPopcorn

Laura Potter, Lifetime Medal 280100507863, 2007. Gold, linen, cotton. ©FashionPopcorn


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