Banish FMO with Etre’s classic touchscreen knit gloves


If, like us, you suffer from that most modern condition, Fear of Missing Out (FMO), you’ll appreciate the need to find winter hand warmers that don’t stop digital social availability. We think we’ve found a solution: Etre FIVEPOINT woollen gloves, which feature technologically-advanced knit finger tips which won’t get in the way of touchscreen interaction.

Etre Fivepoint gloves - oh-so stylish and they really do work!

Etre Fivepoint gloves – oh-so stylish and they really do work!

Of course, as the creation of Etre, a London-based design agency, which specialises in digital solutions, it should come as no surprise that these are the creme-de-la-creme of the touchscreen-friendly glove options. Inspired by classic British workwear, these luxurious wool knit gloves are available in perennially classic school uniform shades – ours are maroon, but we’re also coveting navy, ‘Oxford Blue’ stripe and and Fairisle knit options. That they are manufactured by a family-run, Scottish company is the cherry on the cake (and we very much like the cherry on the cake here at Fashion Popcorn. As well as the cake. but I digress…). We’ve rigorously roadtested the FIVEPOINTS and they really do work! We like-y.

So… a choice finishing flourish for any style-conscious, iPad-hooked individual, Etre also does a neat line in pin-perfect fishermen-style, unisex jumpers, slick peacoats and utilitarian bags, all again manufactured by smaller businesses scattered across the UK. Ones for the wish list, we say.

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