Famous tween now selling us the trench


Yet another fun fashion film to start the New Year. This Burberry campaign comes from creative goliaths Christopher Bailey (director) and Mario Testino (cinematographer), who seem to have taken the “bright and playful” brief quite literally, pulling in a mini-Beckham to joyfully jump his way through a set of static models dressed in tantalisingly shiny colours.

It may seem slightly bizarre that we are now aspiring to be as cool as a rich ten year old and this could have gone a bit Byker Grove were it not for the luscious vibrancy and gloss that old-timers Bailey and Testino bring to it.

Admittedly, Burberry’s use of the grand ol’ celebrity sprog/model tradition, however uncomfortable it makes us, has brought us back to our childhood senses somewhat. After eating our weight in christmas chocolate, Fashion Popcorn is cooing at the thought of turning into one by wearing one them new fancy Burberry trench coats…


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