Fashion Popcorn starts new year with sixth salon, part of London Short Film Festival


There was an inkling we might be in for a good evening when Fashion Popcorn #6 got upgraded to twice-as-nice screen 2 at the Hackney Picturehouse due to high demand. Last night, those who got the golden tickets were treated to a fashion film showcase, and DJ sets from Blackout and Straightola. And, we’re going to up and say it, our cool crowd of super-stylish creative bods were the fashion fancy of the superb London Short Film Festival.

Guests were treated to 13 short films from a range of established and emerging film-makers who had come to the genre of fashion film from diverse pathways, some being new to working with moving images, some making their first well-heeled foray into filmic style statements. Speaking to FP, Duncan Bone (Anima) said, ‘It’s great for everyone to have the opportunity to see these films on the big screen,’ before confessing that the chairs were ‘almost too comfy…’ (he assures us he stayed awake, of course!) Fashion films are all too often produced to be viewed on tablets, iPads, Smartphones, and being able to view it as part of a cinematic experience allowed the audience to digest the film in a different context. Perhaps more traditional, but wow! Watching the showcase was impactful, inspiring and, well, quite glorious really.

It is testament to how much fashion in film has evolved even just since our first event in July 2010 that we were able to present a programme of such breadth and quality; particularly exciting was the presence of Kathryn Ferguson and Jason Bradbury in the line-up, as both were showcased in our very first event at Rushes (lamentably RIP).

While each film was staunchly individual, there was a commonality in the offer of fantasy through adornment of the body, though not necessarily sweetness and light; Chris Turner’s cult-ish G(O)OD+(D)EVIL was as darkly glossy as the liquid that dripped down his vampish anti-heroine, while Jason Bradbury’s The Casting is a discomforting look down the lens at male models.

Kathryn Ferguson who made Horses, part of the Chloe 60th anniversary ‘alphabet’, spoke about how she was determined to make her film a creative response the brand’s values. ‘When I sent the treatment to Chloe, they said it was lovely, but could they have a girl in a dress, but I said no, I wanted it to be about the free spirit of the brand,’ she explained ‘and I do think that that is the future of fashion films, that brands will realise that it doesn’t need to literally feature the clothes to say something about who they are.’

Greg Oddoye from Fixing Luka recorded the 20 mins Q&A with filmmakers Georgia Parris, Jason Bradbury, Kathryn Ferguson, Chris Turner, Marcin Lobacz, Sarah Keeling, David McGovern, Carol Murphy, Tamzin Haughton, Duncan Bone:

Thus invigorated, and with questions and ideas buzzing in our minds (I’m taking a leap here, but pretty confident I couldn’t have been the only one), post-screening the audience hotfooted it up to the cool Hackney Attic for stylish sets from DJ outfits Blackout and Straightola, drinks and cute-as-a-button popcorn cupcakes – as well as plenty of chat and business card swapping.

So, dear reader, after an 18 month hiatus, it seems we’re back. And Fashion Popcorn is still on its mission to present stellar fashion films and get conversations going which encourage good ol’ creative collaboration between fashion aficionados, film-makers, digital fans and the rest… so come and join the fray! Oh, and watch this space: we’re feeling rather enthused by all you lovely lot and we’re hoping another Fashion Popcorn salon should be happening soon. Seven is a lucky number after all. 

If you missed the event or want to watch the fashion films again, we’ve set up a Fashion Popcorn #6 Vimeo Group which includes some of the films from the programme.  You can also see photos from the event on our Fashion Popcorn facebook page.

And you can listen to the Fashion Popcorn filmmaker Q&A on the London Short Film Festival iTunes podcast page alongside more podcasts to help you catch up on what fab stuff has happened so far at the rest of the festival.


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