Guy Ritchie helps David Beckham do a comedy striptease for latest H&M promo


The Beckhams are getting in on the fashion film action again… This time its daddy David and his money-making physique. But its not just his toned abs and adept posturing he’s showing off. His willingness to run full speed in fluffy slippers whilst acting out some sort of stylish Benny Hill striptease reveals a charming sense of self-parody in this funny and slightly pervy fashion promo for H&M from bigshot director Guy Ritchie.

With a long string of humourous fashion films under their branded belt, we have no doubt that H&M wanted Ritchie for his masterful ability to mix comedy with fast-paced action. This is a departure from Ritchie’s more serious, noirish and slightly try-hard approach to fashion film that he employed in his Dior Homme film with Jude Law a couple of years ago. This latest film feels like Ritchie is better versed and more able to naturally shine, which we feel is a small sign that film directors and fashion brands are meeting in the middle a lot more. Comedy in fashion film strikes again!


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