Marc Jacob’s Diet Coke break


Last week Diet Coke announced Marc Jacobs as their new Creative Director for 2013, taking them through the brand’s 30th year. And of course no big brand announcement about a fashion giant like Marc Jacob would be complete without a entertaining little video to entice the fashion crowds in.

From Fashion Designer to the most stylish of Hollywood stars to Costume Designer for artsy films and to recent debut Actor alongside an indie darling cast, Marc has always had one creative finger in the film world. Now he turns his dab-abs to modelling in this new short promo that puts a fashion funny twist to those very classic 90s Diet Coke adverts…

We’ve always preferred the more full-fat approach to our soft drinks here at Fashion Popcorn, but we’re rather intrigued to see how Marc will design the new Diet Coke bottles “inspired by the three decades, the chic designs capture the rise of female empowerment through the ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘00s, with a whimsical twist – true to Jacobs’ signature style.”


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