Hatty Easter with Fred Butler


We’re feeling springtime festive today, despite the wintry climate and hideous lack of Easter eggs (we ate them all yesterday…sigh).  So we thought we’d share with you some fun photos from Fred Butler’s Easter Bonnet Party at London’s Sanderson last week, in the hope we’ll inspire that sunny disposition everyone is hankering for right now.

Left to right: Tatty Devine, AntiPodium, Kim Richardson.

Left to right: Rosy Nicholas, Piers Atkinson (Fred Butler Easter Bonnet Parade winner), Jonny Woo.

Left to right: Fred Butler, Tatty Devine Bonnet, Harriet Vine, Jonny Woo

Aren’t they all so fabulous?! De-lish.

We’re a big fan of Fred Butler, even more so after she invited all that wonderful head attire into one room. And its not just the designs we love, but that the way in which the textures and colours of Fred Butler merge so lusciously and suitably with moving image. And we want to share some of these videos with you, because they make us think of beautiful Easter eggs (the decorative kind) and we think they might cheer you up too.

Plus, well, (trumpet blowing alert…), we are slightly biased after falling in love with filmmaker Sarah Keeling’s work when we screened one of her films at FP#6 back in January, and she made this little behind-the-scenes Fred Butler beaut with the help of Fashion Popcorn’s very own Rachel Lucy King:


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