Are you ready for this? Let’s do Digital Fashion 2013

Digital Fashion 2013

Digital Fashion 2013

If there’s something guaranteed to get – to paraphrase my favourite 1920s’ Belgian detective – the grey cells buzzing, it’s the idea-generating, discursive environment of an academic conference. And LCF always pull off a good ‘un: last time it was 2010’s self-explanatory Fashion Media: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, curated by The Gentlewoman’s Penny Martin and Dr Djurdja Watson – which blew my mind – this time around it’s Digital Fashion 2013, May 16-17, which focuses on the intersection of fashion, digital technology and interaction design. It is somewhat liberating to be able to throw ideas around and mash them together unimpeded by ultimately commercial objectives, and the value of time to reflect and set ideas and happenings into the wider cultural context, in order to move forward, should not be underestimated.

Academics and industry types alike are expected to attend the two-day forum, which is organised by LCF’s Fashion Digital Studio and opens tomorrow with a keynote speech from the studio’s dapper founding director Philip Delamore and Simon Thorogood. Panellists including blogger Susie Bubble and journo Melanie Rickey present their perspectives on subjects ranging from 3D printing to luxury e-commerce and new fashion media. Plus, *ahem, shameless plug* Fashion Popcorn’s Emily Fleuriot (that’s me, mum!) joins Covetique‘s Nicola McClafferty, EDITD‘s Geoff Watts, LCF’s Karinna Nobbs and panel chair, Not Just A Label‘s Stefan Siegel to discuss trends in luxury e-commerce and social media, from the consumer to the future of luxury in the digital space.

All-in-all, it promises to be a thought-provoking two-day event, so come along and join the conversation! I’m swotting up on my thoughts right now. And if you really can’t make it? Well, be sure to follow @FashionPopcorn on Twitter, as no doubt we’ll be reporting live from the event as it happens.

For more information on Digital Fashion 2013, taking place at London College of Fashion, May 16-17, click here >


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  1. […] Are you ready for this? Let's do Digital Fashion 2013 […]

  2. […] Are you ready for this? Let's do Digital Fashion 2013 […]